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Thompson J Barton

USA | Master Licensed Human Element Practitioner
Thompson J Barton

Phone: 5418403136

Service Region: United States

Company: PLTM LLC

Language: English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Organizational Transformation

In 1991, Thompson Barton, M.A., founded Barton White Associates, Inc., an organizational transformation consulting and training firm specializing in identifying and reducing the cost of defensiveness to businesses using Accountable Communication Technology™.

In 2018 he published Please Lie to Me, which challenges business owners and leaders to take back control of their cultures from fear. In so doing, they reach heretofore unattainable degrees of effectiveness and productivity.

2019 partnership with Russ Salzer, owner of 3YG, to found PLTM, LLC

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