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Become a Human Element Practitioner

The Human Element methodology is a powerful set of tools that consultants, coaches and trainers have consistently used to resolve high impact organizational issues including increasing productivity. Anyone who wants to create authentic, meaningful and sustainable change in organizations and peoples’ lives would benefit from this work.

Becoming a Licensed Human Element Practitioner® (LHEP®) will allow you to utilize a comprehensive methodology for addressing all the interpersonal issues in an organization. By going deeper, expanding organizational consciousness and creating a safe environment for people to try and accept new behaviors, you can make meaningful change and produce exceptional results for the organization you serve.

There are two steps to becoming a Licensed Human Element Practitioner:


Step 1: Experience The Human Element

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself”

We truly believe that all changes start with the self, so the first step in The Human Element certification process is learning about one’s self. Any consultant, trainer or coach wanting to become a valid LHEP must start by going through the full range of the Human Element programs as a participant by taking the following courses:


Step 2: Be a Licensed Human Element Practitioner

In this next phase of experiential learning, participants will go over and learn each of the Human Element modules in detail, including its history, purpose, and design. At this point the practical learning begins, and future LHEP will begin to acquire delivery and feedback techniques to become successful as a professional. Master trainers will drill, train and give feedback to the LHEP to help instill the proper method, behavior and attitude to take when facilitating the program or providing interventions when certified.

Program Outcomes

Program graduates will:

  • Be accountable, open and honest while facilitating the work
  • Have increased self-awareness and be able to facilitate meaningful change in an organization and peoples’ lives
  • Have increased leadership skills and confidence, as well as enhanced social intelligence
  • Be able to create a safe environment for people to try and accept new behaviors and change
  • Be able to produce exceptional results for organizations by maximizing individual, team and organizational potential

Program graduates will as be empowered to utilize tools and THE methodologies for:

  • Addressing interpersonal issues directly, leading to lasting results
  • Dynamic human system change and comprehensive organizational development interventions
  • Transformative experience supported by integrated psychometric instruments


The Human Element Practitioner Licensee

As a Licensed Human Element Practitioner you will be licensed to use the full range of Human Element processes and tools, including:

  • The Human Element Program delivery
  • Material Purchase and its use
  • Use of Human Element team-building and leadership process


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