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Integrated series of instruments in The Human Element designed to measure various aspects of human functioning and human relationships.


Elements of Awareness

Element B

Element F

Element S

The Elements of Awareness are a series of psychometric instruments based on FIRO Theory, which measure the different dimensions of interpersonal relation and explain how people interact. Each of these Elements measures a different aspect of a person or relationship, and when used with the other instruments, comprises the Human Element approach.

The purpose of the Elements of Awareness is to provide an opportunity for expanding self-awareness. Each result on an instrument expresses how one is choosing to be right now in relation to that set of dimensions, providing opportunities for greater learning about oneself. Increased self-awareness improves one’s understanding of why people behave the way that they do, how they interact, and the relation between behavior and consequences in the work environment. This results in greater effectiveness for leaders, managers as well as team members.


Element O

Element O

Element O provides measures of satisfaction within an organization by surveying employees’ opinions about the current state of the organization and how they would like the organization to be. It gathers information about the relationships between each employee and their team and the organization as a whole, as well as how they feel while at work.

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