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Successful Change Intervention

“At the heart of all human functioning is the self. The best solutions to organizational and leadership issues require self-awareness as an essential first step. Deeper self-awareness leads to self-acceptance and then self-esteem. As individuals gain self-awareness and self-esteem, they become more open and honest with their co-workers. They redirect the energy they now use for defensiveness, withholding, and other interpersonal struggles into productive work.”

Will Schutz, Ph.D.

Organizations fail to realize many of their larger plans due to multiple issues; competition, systems, technology, etc. What is not often known or seen is that the majority of what causes this failure is related to people and the quality of their relationships. When companies talk about results or the bottom line, it is sometimes hard to see a direct link between their people and their results/productivity. That is why we often recommend as a first step to have the organization do an Element O survey.

The Element O survey measures satisfaction within an organization by asking employees’ opinions about the current state of the organization and how they would like the organization to be. It gathers information about the quality of all relations (employees, teams, the organization), and how employees feel at work.

The focus of the survey is on behavior and feeling in the organization rather than easily seen area like compensation, physical environment, policies, resources, etc. This in-house intervention helps organizations identify and solve individual, team and organizational issues, as well as helps change the organizational atmosphere so that every employee feels accountable and motivated, and becomes more engaged and productive.

Some of the challenges organizations are facing:

  • Project Delayss
  • Difficulty initiating and sustaining innovation
  • Slow decision making processes decision making processes
  • Low productivity
  • Lack of motivation
  • Low self-esteem

... And many more.

By implementing the Human Element program in your organization, you will be able to create an environment where people are open, accountable and self-aware. This change will develop a culture of trust and high self-esteem where individuals will effectively work together and help the organization achieve its goals.


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