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In-house Human Element

Bring The Human Element to Your Organization

If you are interested in bringing The Human Element to your organization, please feel free to contact us. Wherever you are located, we can help your organization begin the journey or have one of our global business partners support you.


Find a Practitioner Near You

In-house workshops are workshops facilitated by Licensed Human Element Practitioner at client sites. This option is perfect for those who wish/need to customize the Human Element program to meet specific organizational situation. It is also great for organizations with large numbers to train and no Licensed Human Element Practitioners, where sending employees or waiting for public workshop is not optimal.


Have You Own Internal Trainer On Board

Training your own internal licensed Human Element Practitioners is the best and fastest way to create a culture of openness, trust, accountability and engagement within your organization. . To do this your internal trainer must successfully complete our licensing program, after which they are entitled to conduct The Human Element programs, purchase and use The Human Element materials (slides, surveys and tools) in your organization. If this interests you, please provide us with some basic information about you and your organization and will reach out to let you know more specifically on how to bring The Human Element to your organization:

Why Internal Trainers?

  • Cost effective and efficient.
  • Allows for more focused training because of the deeper understanding of the company and its business.
  • Can use current and actual work examples.
  • More effective due to having relevant/current and actual work examples.
  • Convenient training schedule and location, less commitments.
  • Good for team building and bonding.
  • Easier to schedule and deliver company-wide program over the long term.
  • Quickest way to instill a common and effective Human Element based culture within your organization.


Contact us to find more about how to bring The Human Element to your organization:

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