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What is The Human Element?

The Human Element is a holistic and comprehensive methodology for improving the way people work together, leading to better individual, team, and organizational performance and rate of goal achievement. By dealing with root causes rather than superficial behaviors, The Human Element helps individuals, teams and organizations eliminate the behaviors that sabotage, undermine relationships, and lower motivation.

  • Maximize Potential

    Maximize the potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

  • Maximize Productivity

    Solving human related issues to maximize work place productivity

  • Maximize Trust

    We work to increase aliveness and trust in the organization

Creating the Ideal Organization

The Human Element is a highly effective methodology for creating high performing organizational cultures. It helps people remove the barriers to being authentic and staying flexible, while enabling the organization to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing external environment.


Do people accept responsibility for themselves?


Does the organization have an atmosphere of open communication?


Do people feel good about themselves?

Job Fit

Is the right person in the right role?

Decision Making

Does decision making result in a strong commitment?

Personal Development

Do people enjoy themselves at work?


Do leaders inspire people to do their best?


Is the potential of each employee fully maximized?


Does the organization produce exceptional results?

Why the Human Element Matter in Business?

Organizations benefit when employees are able to speak their minds. When employees feel safe and comfortable voicing their opinions, they feel more open and willing to invest in their work and relationships. Unfortunately, this is not how most organizations operate.

The Human Element deal with root causes of human behaviors and helps organizations to reduce unproductive behavior and achieve better business result.


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"Developing the Next Generation Leaders"

Client: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Consultant/Company: Internal organizational development specialists and Ethan Schutz, Master Licensed Human Element Practitioner



Many high-potential employees, those who were considered as next-in-line leaders, were leaving the organization. The organization wanted to encourage leaders to stay and create a way to encourage people at all levels to focus on leadership practices throughout the organization.



First, make the Human Element the core of a year long interdepartmental leadership development program that included training, coaching, mentoring and active learning. Second, use the Human Element as an organizing tool for improving leadership capacity throughout the organization.



Human Resource Outcomes:

65% of all program participants were promoted or given more responsibility after their participation in the program.

Positive Change in Workplace:

  • A new committee was formed which resulted in increased patient satisfaction
  • A committee chaired by the program graduates led to increased compliance and patient and staff satisfaction with environmental related issues.
  • Because of the better communication between staff and colleagues, employees overall developed a more collaborative working relationship.

Financial Results:

Revenue was increased by $4.6 million. The hospital was able to avoid several million dollars in potential lawsuits.

Client Testimonial

Despite people having the right technical skills, we weren't seeing the kind of performance that we wanted to see... the real issue was self awareness.
The more you know about yourself, the better you will perform as a human being, individually, as a part of the team and a part of the organization.

And it's easy to say we need to become more self-aware, but there are reasons for people not doing that. It's really not about the instruments, it is about the approach, about a way of life...

So that is how we got to the notion that The Human Element approach is what we needed moving forward.

(Dr. Rony Rinat, then Director of Training and Development of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)

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