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What is The Human Element?

The Human Element is a holistic and comprehensive methodology for improving the way people work together, leading to better individual, team, and organizational performance and rate of goal achievement. The goal of The Human Element is to reduce unproductive behaviors and achieve better business results. By dealing with root causes rather than superficial behaviors, The Human Element helps individuals, teams and organizations eliminate the behaviors that sabotage, undermine relationships, and lower motivation.


  • Creates cultures of openness, trust, accountability and engagement
  • Addresses and resolves intra/interpersonal issues in organizations
  • Reduces rigidity and defensiveness
  • Helps organizations accomplish organizational goals and achieve higher results with greater ease





An atmosphere of truth in organization simplifies communications. It is quite common to have situations where employees/teams complain about someone they work with but never say the complaint directly to the person, causing hurt feelings, resentment and many other feelings leading to lack of cooperation and inefficiency.
And although it makes sense to have those involved share their thoughts and feelings openly, a quicker more direct way of solving problems, very few people know how and are willing to do it. The Human Element approach uses the Truth principle to end this cycle.

By using this principle, people no longer waste time and energy on what they imagine is going on and start dealing with the issues at hand, naturally making everyone more effective and efficient.


An understanding that people are at choice at all times, empowers and increases their accountability. Although there are many things that cannot be controlled, one always has the power to choose their beliefs, thoughts, intentions and behaviors. It is these choices (one’s mindset and attitude) that create results/outcomes. By not spending time and energy blaming their situation, people can put attention on what can be done to remedy it and start building the life they want to live.


Understanding one’s thoughts and feelings toward oneself is the key to changing one’s life. Also, how one feels about themselves affects the ways they think about others. How one feels about others and how they believe others see them drives their behavior. Increasing self-awareness, therefore, allows one to take control of their behaviors and decisions.


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