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Thomas Elkjaer

Denmark | Licensed Human Element Practitioner
Thomas Elkjaer

Phone: +45 22171672

Service Region: Denmark

Company: tryZone ApS

Language: Danish, English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Agile Coach focused on building cohesive and self-managed teams. I help organisations with their agile transformation, facilitate collaboration in the teams and across the organisation and help them create psychologically safe environments.

Over the last 20+ years I have helped a teams and organisations collaborate and create psychologically safe environments. I have helped them improve their ability to build great products that create value for their customers.

I have implemented agile ways of working and agile mindsets and culture in organisations with contexts ranging from start-ups to large corporations. Always with a focus on the context of the organisation that I work for and with respect for peoples experience and diversity.

My focus is on building feedback loops from the strategic to the operational level and back and on distributing leadership and delegating power to self-managed teams. My goal is to create psychologically safe workplaces and build learning organisations.

I am Agile Coach at tryZone and hold lot of agile certifications i.e. in Scrum, SAFe and Management 30. I have spiced up my agile toolbox with tools from The Human Element®, Radical Collaboration®, Training from the Back of the Room and Liberating Structures.

I have a background in organisations based on predict & control principles and know the path to an organisation based on agile principles by heart.

I can help you in your agile transformation i.e. in building cohesive self-managed teams, in training and coaching your leaders in servant leadership and in training in Scrum and SAFe.

Finally if you want to learn how to create psychologically safe workplaces with The Human Element® and Radical Collaboration® don’t hesitate to give me a call on +45 22171672 or to send an e-mail to

It is easy to change a structure. The hard part is to change the mindset.

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