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Jonas Lundgren

Sweden | Licensed Human Element Practitioner
Jonas Lundgren

Phone: +46730746493

Service Region: Sweden

Company: Qlurix AB

Language: Swedish, English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Leadership, teamdevelopment, conflict management and coaching for both teams and individuals.

I help people and teams feel better to do a better job. I work with teams, steering groups, and individuals in an IT department of the Swedish state government. I help people with conflict management, coaching, etc. In my toolbox, I have The Human Element, Radical Collaboration, SDI, IMGD/GDQ, and other tools including the Swedish UGL. All my assignments are about helping people understand why they do or don't do, want or don't want, like or don't like something according to themselves.

I love working with people who show a lot of energy, or even angry, those I can see and understand. I'm getting insecure and might be afraid when people are silent and reserved as I can't read them or can't see their feelings.

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