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Geneviève Liot

Geneviève Liot


Service Region: Belgium

Company: Eleria

Language: French, English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Executive, team, group and career coaching using The Human Element and Implicit Career Search, and training to discover The Human Element (Cornerstone & Organisational Solutions).

I fully agree with the conclusion of Will Schutz: "If I feel good about myself at work, I'm able to perform better, to better collaborate with others, and to reach my full potential."

My coaching work is to initiate a safe climate and design the right process to increase awareness of the client, individual or team, about what prevents them to feel good about themselves at work, using the powerful set of activities Will Schutz designed after 40 years of research on highly performing teams and organisations.

Once client's self-awareness is raised, they will more easily choose relevant options to implement to improve their life, their relationships and their professional situation.

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