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Emi Ikeda

Emi Ikeda

Phone: (+81)80-1289-9547

Service Region: Japan

Company: Business Consultants, Inc.

Language: Japanese, English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Team building, collaboration, innovation, customer service, cross-cultural communication, leadership training, Program localization (corporate-wide management training), Train-the-trainer program (The Human Element®)

Since 1997, Emi has been involved with the worldwide licensing and trainers development for The Human Element approach that has proven itself to be one of the most powerful OD intervention tools that BCon has in maximizing team and organization effectiveness. Having worked with Dr. Will Schutz, developer of FIRO Theory and The Human Element, first as a translator and later as a co-facilitator of Human Element trainer certification programs, she has extensive experience in working with practitioners from over 15 countries to provide customized solutions and delivery to groups with diverse backgrounds.

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