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Belinda Lange

Denmark | Licensed Human Element Practitioner
Belinda Lange

Phone: +4525397037

Service Region: Denmark & Worldwide


Language: Danish, English

Delivery Approach: Face-to-face (on-site) & Online

Expertise: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Therapy

Experienced leadership developer - Emotion-focused Business therapist & Executive coach

I work with leadership development in both the private and public sector - mostly working with executives and other leader for leaders.

I engage in the transition that one or more wish to make from one place or state to another. Sometimes the direction is clear, sometimes it has to be found. I am very confident and competent in navigating and guiding that journey, no matter how clear or foggy the inner or outer landscape may be.

Executive Presence has become an area of expertise. How do you as a leader engage your organisation, make impact and inspire others to follow you?

I combine a strong psychological capacity with a great understanding of business.

I engage in development in different set-ups:
・One on one sessions
・Working with leadership teams
・Working with leadership 'couples'​ in developing their teamwork

My focus is to develop people in a way that allows them a more positive and meaningful interaction with themselves and others and in doing so contributing to better results in the contexts they operate.

I am both challenging and caring in my approach to the person or the group I work with. I am an intuitive thinker and I am creative in my approach.
I stand on a strong foundation with both theoretical depth and long practical experience with coaching, therapy and facilitation of development processes.

Besides my different educations I am certified in a long row of psychological assessment and development tools.

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