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Why aren't We All Adaptable?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Why aren't We All Adaptable?

According to The Human Element (THE), we need to fulfill three core principles:

the2202_6.png/The Human Element three core principles

  • I am Truthful: When I allow myself to know my own experience and tell others about it, I am authentic
  • I explore the concept of Choice: When I think that I have complete control over my life and can make any changes I want in myself, my relationships, and my work circumstances, I investigate the concept of choice
  • I am Aware: When I am consciously aware of my own experience

But how does these triad: "truth", "awareness", and "choice" determine our adaptability? Let's take a deeper look at the three of them.


"Awareness is the greatest agent for change"
- Eckhart Tolle

Being aware is about knowing ourselves, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, understanding how we respond in various situations and why knowing what matters to us thus our values. Can you see how this relates to adaptability? Well, it all starts with awareness! Knowing whether we have this skill or strength or not. Understanding how we react to various situations will give us clues into whether we are adaptable or not. It's important that we know why we do certain behaviors in order to give them the right names. For example, if we refuse to make a particular change during a situation, how do we react to this? Are we nervous, anxious? Or excited? What does that mean? Searching within ourselves for answers will help us understand whether we are flexible and adaptable or not. Therefore, those who are adaptable either have this skill, and use it, or, they lack adaptability and know this and are working on it and developing themselves. Hence, we might not know that we lack flexibility, hence, we will never work on it to improve it.


"The Core of Authenticity is the courage to be imperfect, vulnerable, and to set boundaries"
- Brene Brown

Are we truthful and genuine with ourselves? As we mentioned earlier, it starts with awareness. And awareness requires authenticity to see the truth. It's the courage to see things as they are. I might, for example, refuse to make a certainly needed change. I might be truthful to myself and admit that I could not make it because I was scared not to be in control. Or, I might deny that truth and instead say that I am protecting the status quo against those who irresponsibly want to change it while the truth is far from it. I am just scared. That's the genuine truth. Those who are adaptable have the capacity and courage to admit the truth to themselves. They might see their imperfections and hence are able to manage themselves.


"Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you"
- John C. Maxwell

We all have the power of choice. Yet, it does not stop at choosing! With choice comes responsibility. When we face different situations that call for decisions, we are given the power to choose. The minute we make a decision, we are accountable for it. We cannot choose without being responsible. Therefore, some people are scared of choosing. They would instead assume they don't have options so as not to bear responsibility. Hence, sticking with the usual, the known is much easier than assuming responsibility for a choice they don't know where it might. Therefore, being accountable to the best option, makes people more adaptable and vice-versal. The more flexible, the more responsible you are. You are able to make unpopular decisions because you can adapt your way of thinking.


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