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Tips for Fostering Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Tips for Fostering Psychological Safety  in the Workplace

Managers play an important role within the organization; they pass down their strategies to their subordinates and strategies are adopted by their teams.

Some actions that can foster psychological safety within the organization include:1

1. Lead by example

  • Ask for upward feedback
  • Acknowledge your mistakes
  • Be open to opinions that differ from your own
  • Be approachable and encourage reports to ask questions
  • Ask for the team’s input
  • Encourage “out of the box” ideas

2. Encourage active listening

It is crucial for managers and team members to listen to one another to ensure people feel valued and that they contribute to the team. Improve listening within the organization through:

  • Leaving phones at the door during meeting
  • Showing understanding by repeating what was said
  • Encourage people to share more by initiating more questions
  • Actively ask quiet individuals about their opinions

3. Create a safe environment
Help create a safe environment within your team by encouraging “out of the box” ideas. Avoid blaming and judgment and accept all suggestions without interruptions.

4. Develop an open mindset
Employees often look at problems from one perspective and try to solve them on their own. Encourage teams to share feedback with another, help them to learn how to respond to input from others, encourage teams and individuals to see feedback as a way to strengthen and build upon their ideas and processes, rather than criticism.



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