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The Curious Case of Bullying in the Workplace

Monday, October 4, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

The Curious Case of Bullying in the Workplace

In 2018 FOX News had to pay 10 million dollars to settle several discrimination lawsuits filed by 18 employees, some were current at the time while others were former ones. The cases ranged from claims of discrimination based on race, age, and pregnancy.

So the question that still lingering in many peoples' mind: Why do people bully and harass each other in the workplace? Why bullying and harassment is still a thing in this modern world? This question is not a simple one to answer.

In this month of National Stop Bullying Day, we will try to explore the complexity and depth of this issue. We will resort to The Human Element, a systematic and scientific approach for improving how people work together, leading to the more outstanding accomplishment of goals and better individual, team, and organizational performance.

Find out in this e-book:

  • What is harassment, and types of harassment in the workplace
  • Understanding the root cause of bullying and harassment with the "onion approach"
  • Exploring the six dimensions of Self-Esteem
  • Setting up the free-bully zone
  • ...and more!

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