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Introduction to Opennness

Sunday, December 20, 2020
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Introduction to Opennness

How to Create a Healthy Transparent Work Environment

Businesses rely on various resources, but the human resource is its most important resource. Organizations should perceive this human power as individual people, with different backgrounds, education levels, communication styles, opinions and concerns, and in relationship to each other forming teams. Each individual is vital to the success of the business and addressing each employee as an important part of the business team helps foster a healthy environment where workers feel comfortable and productive.

This may need us more of learning efforts regarding humans and what their psychological needs in their professional relationships. Such investing in your interpersonal skills and understanding more about yourself, your colleagues, and your people, helps you more in having effective healthy relationships and consequently reinforce your professional success.

In organizations, lack of openness leads to enormous inefficiency and reduced productivity. Based on the experience of Dr. Will Schutz, 80% of work problems are not real problems at all. They are simply the results of not being open- of distorting or withholding.*

What is Openness?

Openness is a personality trait/dimension that is covered in more than one of the personality theories. We will tackle it through both Firo Element B (Will Schutz- 1958) and the Big Five factors (Costa and McCrae- 1987) and recognize its nature in both theories.

*Schutz, Will. The Human Element : Productivity, Self-esteem, and the Bottom Line. 2nd ed.,The Schutz Company, 2008, p45.


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