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How Employees Can Contribute to Their Own Health and Well-being: Awareness

Saturday, March 19, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

How Employees Can Contribute to Their Own Health and Well-being: Awareness

When we speak about choice, it's about acknowledging two or more options, then making a decision and choosing among them. Hence, what precedes making a correct choice is "Self-Awareness." How can you decide if you are not aware of your preferences and their basis inside you? Therefore, being self-aware is at the heart of making choices.

When being conscious and self-aware, I can choose whether I should be ill or not, or whether I could heal myself. Illness is my body's method of informing me that there is a conflict within myself that I am not recognizing. There is no need for my body to represent the conflict if I am aware of it and deal with it consciously, and I may be on the road to healing myself. Like all of the other phenomena addressed thus far, illness is fundamentally linked to one's self-concept. If I don't feel adequate in one area, I believe I won't be able to deal with it successfully. As a result, I try to avoid or misrepresent it. FOR EXAMPLE, if I don't feel important, I may feel frustrated and neglected, which I repress (put "out of my mind").

Physical symptoms may appear as a result of this. Suppose I can come to terms with my feelings of significance, hence becoming aware and conscious of my feelings and thoughts about my significance. In that case, I will deal with them directly, eliminating the need for repression and disease. Realizing that there is a physical equivalent to all of my inner difficulties within my body is the key to understanding which sickness I will choose. The muscular and neural systems that regulate my body, for example, mirror my struggles to control my reality. Understanding why I chose specific illnesses requires lining up which organ systems connect to which life difficulties.

Just as we addressed the Three THE Dimensions to building a healthy culture, we will use those three exact dimensions to address how their absence within us can impact our health and wellness.

The aspects of Inclusion, Control, and Openness can be used to categorize issues. There is a basis for identifying which sickness we pick if we look at our relationship with our body in the same way we look at our relationship with others. Suppose we use our bodies to communicate an unconscious struggle regarding Inclusion. In that case, one or more of the organ systems that deal with incorporating our bodies into the world will become ill.


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