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Emotional Health and How It Impacts Our Physical Health

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Emotional Health and How It Impacts Our Physical Health

Your thoughts can jump right to the physical when you think of health; but here we are talking about mental health, which is built pretty much around emotions. Emotions have a significant part in happiness. According to studies, there is a link between regulated mental health and physical health. The mind-body link and the state of your mind and body will be considered in a more holistic health approach.

What Exactly Is Emotional Well-Being?

One facet of mental health is emotional wellbeing. It refers to your ability to manage both happy and negative emotions, as well as your knowledge of them. Emotionally healthy people have effective coping methods for bad feelings and know when to seek expert help.

Physical and emotional well-being are intertwined. People under a lot of stress and have a lot of negative emotions are more likely to have other health problems. Behaviors create these issues that destructive emotions can affect due to a lack of emotional regulation rather than negative feelings. Some people, for example, find those smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol helps them relax. These practices, however, are only for the very short term and they come with a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

Experts claim that emotionally healthy people experience less unpleasant emotions and recover more quickly from setbacks. Resilience is a term used to describe this characteristic. Holding on to positive emotions for extended periods and appreciating the good times is another marker of emotional wellness. Emotional wellness is also aided by developing a sense of meaning and purpose in life and focusing on what matters to you.

According to research, a cheerful mental state has been linked to enhanced health, including lower blood pressure, a lower chance of heart disease, a healthier weight, better blood sugar levels, and a longer lifespan. However, many studies have been unable to discern whether pleasant emotions produce greater health, whether being healthy causes positive emotions, or whether other factors are at play.


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