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Common Characteristics of Gen Z Individuals

Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Common Characteristics of Gen Z Individuals

Dave enters the scene, a 25-year-old guy, whose game’s name is Diversity. He was born in the age of enormous connection via the web. The whole world is allowed to communicate and connect. People can make friendships, businesses, and even marriage arrangements online. Dave and his so-called GEN Z appreciate, and respect diversity far more than our Gen Y’s Eddie.

Dave and his alike are not referred to as a “Digital Pioneer”, rather a “Digital Native”; for he was born into the absolute technological era. He was born with loads of information and knowledge at the tips of his fingers which gives him and all GENZ’ers an incredible chance to broaden their mind, knowledge and grasp all the learning needed.

When he was initially employed, his first manager reported his absorption into his phone and laptop. This caused him to be labeled as isolated and lacking some well-developed social skills.  

Dave has witnessed his parents take several economic hits as he was born at a time of economic recession, that is why he is financially conservative, values a stable job and prefers placing smart but cautious investments.

His colleagues usually describe him as being realistic and logical. In meetings, Dave usually showed a skeptical attitude towards ideas. His manager also referred to him as favoring individualism over teamwork.

Whenever possible, Dave would rather work on his own ideas especially that he has an entrepreneurial spirit. He is more motivated when allowed to develop his ideas, where he senses higher engagement and ownership.

While Dave, and his fellow GEN Z prefer technology, it is surprisingly not his favorite form of communication. Dave prefers to communicate in person - face-to-face. GEN Z’ers in general craves human interaction. However, unlike their millennial colleagues who prefer collaboration, they would rather work independently, and have team meetings for a recap, interaction, and sharing achievements1


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