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Celebrating World Productivity Day

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

Celebrating World Productivity Day

"World Productivity Day".
This sounds intriguing and may send you to ask yourself, how do people celebrate “World Productivity Day”?

The answer is not something like giving out cards congratulating others on the day, nor making phone calls to family members and friends to felicitate them on the occasion. This is not like any formal holiday, despite the fact that it is recognized by the United Nations, where organizations and businesses around the world promote tools and training courses to further capitalize on their employees’ productivity and the many benefits to both individuals and businesses’ bottom-line.

The world has announced June 20th as the day to observe, analyze, and capitalize on productivity. Organizations, businesses, and maybe individuals around the world celebrate this day from two standpoints:

・Underperforming: some organizations and individuals face many challenges that keep them from achieving certain goals they set for themselves, hence they would deem their efforts as unproductive. In this standpoint, the underperforming organizations/individuals start to contemplate ways they can attain more productivity and to reach goals cited to carry out for the rest of the year. It serves as a catalyst to look forward to exerting more to reach the desired goals, and start to collaborate in an organization to think on actionable plans, and for individuals as well.

・Performing: in this standpoint, people and organizations celebrate the day by taking a partial day off, sit back and relax a bit to celebrate a year fulfilled with achievement and productivity. As resting has its own positive side effect on overall performance, some organizations use the day for retreats to refresh and re-energize their people. And on an individual level, taking a rest on that day works as a reminder that working and getting things done come with their own sense of achievement and fulfillment.


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