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A Leap of Faith (Growth Mentality)

Thursday, December 23, 2021
Author: Business Consultants, Inc.

A Leap of Faith (Growth Mentality)

When was the last time you underestimated your skills or characteristics? Perhaps it happened more recently than you’d like to believe. It could have sounded something like “I am not very organized,” “Math is not my strong suit,” or “I am often overwhelmed.”

The problem is that the words we repeat to ourselves gradually become as important as the stories we tell about ourselves. They inevitably begin to influence our behavior, which can have far-reaching impacts (positive or negative) in both our professional and personal life.

The good news is that we can change the narrative by adopting a growth mentality. We may modify our thinking with a positive perspective. We can improve practically everything by introducing practice, good habits, effort, and self-development. There are no absolutes when it comes to our characteristics or intelligence. As a result, when faced with hardship, we can cultivate the toughness and perseverance required to succeed.

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Build your Self-Significance: "I am Worthy, and I Deserve"

According to The Human Element, building a solid growth mindset starts by creating your own belief in yourself, your confidence, working on your self-significance. If you think and believe that you are worthy, important, make a difference, and matter, this feeling will be communicated to others. It will reflect in your attitude, and you will overcome your fear of rejection and worthiness.

Understand your Self-Competence: "I am competent enough, and I will improve"

Again, THE comes to the rescue. According to THE building, self-competence involves feeling competent, intelligent, and strong. When we have self-competence, we are not only aware of our abilities and talents, we truly believe in them. We use those strengths to overcome our shortcomings. In addition, we believe that we are competent enough to work on our weaknesses and improve. Being self-competent means your perception of yourself is through a lens of your strengths, not weaknesses.

Nurture your Self-Like: "I like myself, I am Enough"

According to THE, likeability stems from within. Self-Like involves being proud of oneself, feeling that I am worthy of love. I am enough.

Going through this three-step process is a challenging yet straightforward work process. It requires eliminating a perfectionist mindset, monitoring your self-talk, seeking feedback, and above all, patience. It is instead a journey. Yet, a worthwhile one. A journey that guarantees you not only success but also content and peace of mind.


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