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The International Update and Encounter

October 3-6 and October 7-10
Domaine le Mezo
Ploeran, France


In your life, there lies a hidden chapter waiting to be discovered—a chapter where growth, learning, and connection intertwine to redefine your journey. This year’s International Update and Encounter at the majestic Domaine le Mezo can be that chapter, a call to adventure in the community of The Human Element practitioners.


Picture this:
A serene French countryside, the air filled with the promise of autumn. The historic Domaine le Mezo stands proudly amidst verdant landscapes, its elegant architecture a perfect blend of tranquility and inspiration.

Here, from October 3-6 for the Update and October 7-10 for the Encounter, you'll join fellow adventurers—like-minded professionals seeking to expand their horizons.

Journey Starts

Your journey begins with the familiar—a comfortable practice in The Human Element, yet beneath the surface, a restless desire for more stirs your spirit. This event is your gateway to exploring uncharted territories in your professional and personal realms.

As you step into the lush grounds of Domaine le Mezo, you're not just attending an event; you're embarking on a transformative expedition. Each day unfolds like a chapter in an epic tale. Mornings start with engaging workshops under the guidance of seasoned masters, each session a treasure trove of knowledge unveiling the latest innovations in our field.



Imagine afternoons spent in deep discussions with peers from across the globe, beneath ancient trees or in the cozy, inviting spaces of the estate. These are the moments where bonds are forged, ideas sparked, and collaborations born.

The trials and triumphs of your journey here are profound. You'll dive into challenging concepts, confront new methodologies, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and capability. The insights you gain will not only enhance your practice but also enrich your personal narrative.



As the sun sets, the estate transforms. Casual gatherings, fine French cuisine, and the soft melodies of local music provide a backdrop to your reflections and conversations. This blend of professional rigor and cultural immersion ensures that each day is not just informative but also incredibly rejuvenating.

When the time comes to return to your world, you'll carry more than just memories. Equipped with the latest knowledge, deepened connections, and a rejuvenated spirit, you'll be poised to inspire and lead in your community. This event isn't just a milestone; it's a pivotal moment in your journey.


Don't let this chapter remain unwritten.
"The International Update and Encounter 2024" is more than an event;
It's the call to the next stage of your incredible journey.


Early Bird Offer: We are currently finalizing negotiations with the venue. Click the button down below to be among the first to embrace this adventure and enjoy a special discount.

For more information or to embark on this journey, contact us at

Join us at Domaine le Mezo for the International Update and Encounter 2024, where your story takes an extraordinary turn.


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