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Event date: 3/22/2023 - 3/23/2023 Export event

The Human Element® Virtual International Update | Mar 22-23

The Human Element: Solutions for Employee Retention

With the hope that we can bring back the face-to-face Update sometime in October or November 2023, we are happy to continue The Human Element Virtual International Update! We  believe this online or virtual format isan important tool in connecting LHEPs around the world with more convenience and affordability.

(This event will be hosted via Zoom)

Why this Virtual Update?

The goal of the International Update is and has always been to support Practitioners in keeping their application of The Human Element up-to-date and maintaining a strong connection with our worldwide network of professionals working with the program.

The world is changing quickly with the rapid advance of technology and the adapting needs of  customers. That requires corporations, institutions, governments, and NGOs to put themselves in position to create a healthy environment for employees where diversity is promoted. What brings us together in this coming Virtual Update is to further explore:
“How we can help these organizations with The Human Element?”

Also, we will have a panel discussion at the rendezvous! We organize panel discussions so that you have a place where you can directly ask questions about the concepts of The Human Element, how to deliver it effectively, and get insights on how to increase customer interest in the program and develop business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get inspired by learning new perspectives of The Human Element
  • Exchange ideas and experiences within the network of Practitioners and learn from success cases
  • An opportunity to practice new activities in groups
  • ... And more!


Gary Copeland

Gary Copeland, MPH, MHRD, LHEP is an international consultant in management, organizational development, and human relations. A former Commissioned Officer of the U.S. Public Health Service, Gary is known in The Human Element Community for his extensive work with teams and for enhancing intellectual concepts with physical movement from martial arts. For 20 years Gary Copeland worked closely with Will Schutz as a student, colleague, and devoted friend. He’s also made tremendous contributions to the evolution of The Human Element.

In this session, Gary will shed light on the answers to questions like “What is an Encounter?”, ”What is its role in the development of consultants?” and “How can a well-skilled LHEP make a difference with his work?”.

Doing programs and holding workshops are important for LHEPs but consulting work is what spreads the LHEPs' work to the daily spaces of participants. Spaces where LHEPs and participants can apply The Human Element to make larger-scale interventions and a practical, actionable difference in their work.

The Encounter skills Gary will show you are what will help you develop and build your skills as consultants and salespeople.


March 22-23, 2023

Mexico City: 08:00AM – 11:00AM
New York: 10:00AM – 01:00PM
Brasilia: 11:00AM – 02:00PM
London: 02:00PM – 05:00PM
Paris: 03:00PM – 06:00PM
Singapore: 10:00PM – 01:00AM (+1)
Tokyo: 11:00PM – 02:00AM (+1)



Cancellation Policy:
- Cancellation and refund will be accepted up to 24 hours before the event starts
- Refund will only be done through PayPal (regardless of the payment method chosen upon registration)



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