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Procter & Gamble

Consultant: Don White, Licensed Human Element Practitioner
Procter & Gamble

Building Teams at Procter & Gamble

Organization – Procter & Gamble labor relations | Baltimore

Issue – Adversarial conditions between management and non-management employees, where there existed a history of the I-win/You-lose mentality. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind upon entering our plant for the first time just who was management or non-management. The separation was mainly built upon the high degree of mistrust that had grown over the years.

Outcome – From the labor union president:

“After The Human Element, it was as if a whole new world suddenly entered our plant. People were actually discussing and recognizing issues for what they actually were and attempting to resolve versus argue.”

“The Human Element was the catalyst that enabled our plant to negotiate and ratify a completely new high performance work system at Baltimore. This was accomplished in spite of the fact that we were in the middle year of our then current contract. This unprecedented amendment broke down many barriers of the work system. Both the union and plant leadership attribute the success of the negotiations and passing of the agreement to The Human Element workshop. It made it possible to put aside the games and hyperbole that used to be so commonplace.”

Process – The Human Element course was attended by the union leadership and plant management and staff.

Consultant – Don White, Licensed Human Element Practitioner

Country – U.S.A.

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