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Hungary Labor Exchange Agency

Consultant/Company: Tamás Jeviczki, Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Synalorg
Hungary Labor Exchange Agency

Are You Kidding? They’re Speaking With Each Other!

Organization – Labor Exchange Agency – Hungary

Issue – The leaders of the agency were stressed, some of them were not motivated, the personal relationships were not satisfying, and some of them were avoiding each other. Work among the leadership team was not well prioritized, strategic direction was not clear, and there were too many projects of unknown importance or urgency, all causing frustration and team members not speaking to one another for months. 

Outcome – The team reports that their conversations were better. They were searching for solutions without blaming. One of the newly promoted staff members decided to get back to her previous job that she enjoyed more and felt competent in doing. The CEO started to give information about strategic goals, priorities, successes, and invited the team for brainstorming sessions. After several months they had solved a lot of issues, and had much better social connections in their workplace.

Process – A Human Element workshop with the executive team

Consultant/Company – Tamás Jeviczki, Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Synalorg

Country – Hungary

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