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Amdahl Computer

Consultant/Company: Ailish Schutz, Licensed Human Element Practitioner™, Will Schutz Associates
Amdahl Computer

Improving Team Function at Amdahl Corporation

Organization – Amdahl Computer (now Toshiba), an information technology company which specialized in IBM mainframe–compatible computer products

Issue – The project team in charge of launching a main server system had two key people who were often at odds with each other. Meetings became long and tiresome and hidden agendas competed with project productivity. The successful and timely launch of the new server system was suffering.

Outcome – The project team launched the system in keeping with its scheduled release, 80% faster than comparable competing projects at IBM. The Development Project manager reported that, “A decision that might have taken three to five 1-hour meetings to resolve before the seminar can now be resolved in one three to five-minute meeting. Our work group developed their plans in one third the time it used to take, and made a better plan.” The launch was so successful that IBM has appointed a 320-person task force to “catch up.”

Process – Management sent the two key managers to a variety of seminars and workshops but none seemed to make much of an impact except The Human Element. The rest of the project team attended Human Element workshops and the consultant was present onsite for the duration of the project to assist the team practice the concepts in real time as they did their work.

Consultant/Company – Ailish Schutz, Licensed Human Element Practitioner™, Will Schutz Associates

Country – U.S.A.

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